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Object Detail

Piece of brown fulgurite, shaped similar to a tree branch. The cylindrical shape of the main rock curves and then branches into two sections at the end. The fulgurite has a rough, uneven surface. There are variations in the brown colouring, from light tan to deep red, and light-coloured flecks visible overall. The larger end has a melted, lumpy texture to the centre.
Credit Line
This piece of fulgurite was found at Bell Block beach. A fulgurite is created when lightning crashes into the ground. It fuses together soil, sand, rock, organic debris and other sediments to create a new mineraloid classified as lechatelierite.

Like this fulgurite, they often take branching, tubular shapes when made primarily of sand. Most fulgurites are less than 3 metres long, but they can be up to 20 metres!
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