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Object Detail

A thin sample strip of marquetry. Both sides are edged with a thin strip of dark wood. A piece is missing from the middle of one diamond and major loss at one end. Backed with two thin strips of kauri.
Primary Maker
Subject Category
Subject Person
Credit Line
This piece of fine marquetry shows how a notorious Taranaki outlaw saw the light and turned his life around.
As a young man, Robert Wallath terrorised New Plymouth during the early 1890s, carrying out a series of robberies while wearing an elaborate pseudo military disguise and gaining infamy as the Highwayman.
After being dramatically unmasked in a failed attempt to rob the Criterion Hotel he was sentenced to eight years jail.
He emerged from jail a changed man with strong religious convictions and went on to lead a quiet and productive life as a builder.
Accession No


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