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Object Detail

Consists of five figures. Faces of two are frontal while the other three are in side profile. Two small figures at the base on the right side have entwined necks and their two arms are linked in a semi-circle formed by their bodies. Both have the other arm and hand in their mouths. Both have pointed foreheads. The lower part of their bodies are not present. Above these figures is another serpentine figure which has one arm passing through the lower jaw with the hand resting on the chest. The other arm passes under the lower body coming up just in front of the hip with the fingers resting on the chest. Only the top of one leg is shown. A strip along the entire length of the left side is missing which would have presumably had the rest of the other two figures carved on it. The top figure on this side is in side profile. Again one hand is to the mouth with the other arm to the side with the hand resting on the body. The leg appears to pass through the brow of the lower full face figure coming up again with the toes resting on the vulva which is in side profile. For the lower figure on the left side only half the face is present and a small part of the body is present. Only one upper arm is depicted. Background decoration where it occurs is matakupenga. Puwerewere is used on the brows and lips of the figures. Three lashing holes are present on the left side while two are present along the angled top. There is a recess along the angled edge. This epa would fit on the right side of a pataka. Thought to have been carved by Tuiti-moeroa (Houston 1958a:166). Carving is deep.
Te Tuiti-Moeroa
Primary Maker
Credit Line
Gifted by Mr W. Crow
Accession No


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