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Object Detail

Divided into five design areas. At the front is a forward facing figure with its head missing although its mouth is present. The body is incorporated into the base of the prow. One hand passes through the mouth and rests on the chest while the other appears to rest on the figures back. Behind this figure is a double spiral with both of its arms ending in two crescent designs. Behind this spiral is an upright forward facing figure with a curving body. A short stumpy leg is present with three toes. Face and mouth each
consist of a crescent design. Behind this figure is another double spiral with the back arm of it ending in two crescent designs, one of which is partly broken. At the rear of the prow is a backward facing female figure with her legs drawn up behind her. The lower legs have broken off. The elbows rest on the knees while the hands rest on the chest. Mouth and eyes are clearly depicted. The back of the base has a curvilinear design emanating from the centre and extending out to each side. Also on the base near the front of the prow is limb is depicted with three digits near the back of the first double spiral. Surface decoration consists of puwerewere, haehae, raumoa, pakati and notching. Five lashing holes are present on each side of the base with two more on the top of the base near the back.
Credit Line
Gifted by Mr Manu White for Manukorihi people
Accession No


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