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Object Detail

Skeleton articulated by Chris Paulin. See Taranaki Daily News 29 Aug 1974. Not available for loan or casual use. It is currently on display. It is a small skeleton of the Maui dolphin. The bones are clean.


Condition of specimen:- Good.
Circumstances of stranding:- Washed ashore dead.
Number of teeth (each side of jaw):- Lower right 26. Upper right 26. Lower left 28. Upper left 25.
Sex:- Female.


1. Length, total - 153cm
2. Tip of upper jaw to centre of eye - 15.3cm
3. Tip of upper jaw to corner of mouth - 18.5cm
4. Tip of upper jaw to blowhole - 23cm
5. Tip of upper jaw to front of flipper - 38cm
6. Tip of upper jaw to tip of dorsal fin - 93cm
7. Tip of upper jaw to centre of anus - (not recorded)
8. Girth, maximum (give distance from tip of upper jaw) - 84cm (65cm)
9. Length, flipper (anterior insertion to tip) - 25.5cm
10. Width, flipper (maximum) - 9cm
11. Width of tail flukes (tip to tip) - 50cm
12. Depth of notch between flukes - 2.5cm
13. Height, dorsal fin (tip to base) - 11cm
Credit Line
This is a small dolphin species that is critically endangered. They are found around the coast of New Zealand. There is a small sub-species the Maui dolphin that is found further north than the Hectors dolphin
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