Full Skeleton. Not available for loan or casual use.


Condition of specimen:- Decomposing.
Circumstances of stranding:- Washed up dead.
Number of teeth (each side of jaw):- Lower left 24. Lower right 24 (5 missing). Upper left 20 (4 missing). Sex:- Male


1. Total length, (spout to centre tip of tail) 139cm. 2. Tip of snout to front of dorsal fin 64cm
3. Length of snout -
4. Centre of tail to anus 39cm
5. Centre of tail to genital slit 51cm
6. Flipper length (outside) 24cm
7. Flipper width (maximum) 9cm
8. Width of tail flukes (tip to tip) 42cm
9. Depth of notch between flukes 2cm
10. Height, dorsal fin (tip to base) 11cm
11. Tip of upper jaw to centre of eye 20cm
12. Tip of upper jaw to corner of mouth -
13. Tip of upper jaw to blow hole 20cm
14. Tip of upper jaw to front flipper -
15. Tip of upper jaw to centre of anus 102cm 16. Girth, maximum (give distance from tip of jaw)
100cm round. 55cm back from tip of jaw. Blowhole to
front of dorsal 45cm.
Accession No


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