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Object Detail

Portrait of Maori woman smoking a cigarette. She has grey curly hair and a chin moko. She is wearing a green dress with a green and pink scarf and greenstone (nephrite) earrings. A mug is sitting on the table she is leaning against and the artist's signature has been painted in such a way as to look like steam coming out of the cup.
Primary Maker
Subject Person
Accession No


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This lady was highly regarded through her art life . Her accolades are as follows F.I.A.L A.R.M.S R.I.S.M S.M.R.I Your oil painting created 1954 sold for 25 guineas. In comparison her prices at this time were the same as sydney Long Thompson Olivea spencer bower and so many more because she has no art auction records this artist has not been research for her true acheivments hope this is of some help.

- Jacob Regeling

Posted on 29-11-2017 20:11:21