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Portrait of Paul Parau of Gisborne, a relative of Ngapai Ngatata. He is dressed in a white shirt, vest and jacket. He has a facial moko and a white beard.
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Paora Parau never called the name Paul. He was born in Rurutu and died in New Zealand in 1892. Rurutu people have learned to write and read by english missionaries and in 1889, the French imposed their method causing a transliteration. The first name of Paora Parau written in the manuscripts of Rurutu (Parua and Paroa reads the same way, it's the writing which changes but the pronunciation does not change). This person is also called Paora or Paura. He had his name Parau after his religious education in Tahiti by English Missionaries and this's how he became Parau, young judge of two districts, Teue (Tiarei) and Afaahiti. In 1842, the French Protectorate forces him to return to his Kingdom of Rurutu, at the age of 20 years. Since his kingdom, he has continued to visit the Islands under British Protectorate where lived his brothers, uncles, cousins, aunts etc.., North-West (Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Cook Islands etc..) and New Zealand. The grandfather of Paora Parau was High Priest and King Pacific. One of Paora Parau's son, born in Raivavae (former Chatham Island), also received a religious education by English missionaries. He was seen as pastor and king of Rurutu in 1881 and died in Papua New Guinea in 1904.


Posted on 12-06-2014 03:47:46

The grandfather of Paora Parau was a high Priest and King of Pacific. Paora Parau's father died in Huahine Island at age of 78 years.


Posted on 12-06-2014 04:00:57

Parau Paora's father was himself King and a brand leader at the time of the Rev. John Williams.


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