The plaintiffs are the patentees and manufacturers of a certain harrows.
An agreement made 11 April 1931 appointed the defendant the sole agent in New Zealand to sell the said harrows.
The plaintiffs allege that the defendant has not produced a leaflet or catalogue to promote the sale of the harrows, nor has it otherwise pushed the sale of the harrows.
The plaintiffs seek an order from the court to rescind the agreement and that the agreement be cancelled. They ask damages of five pounds.
Documents include:
1. Writ of summons
2. Warrant to sue
3. Affidavit by Joseph Taylor
4. Summons for setting Writ aside or Change of Venue
5. Warrant to defend
6. Affidavit of Cyril Osmond Mahoney
7. Order changing place of trial
8. Statement of defence
9. Warrant to defend
10. Order for discovery (defendant)
11. Order for discovery
12. Plaintiff's affidavit as to documents
13. Affidavit by Andrew Chrystal
14. Motion for leave to have case set down
15. Affidavit of documents (by defendant)
16. Affidavit of Plaintiffs in support of application for leave to delver Interrogatories
17. Affidavit of Cyril Osmond Mahony in opposition to motion for leave to set down action for trial
18. Summons for leave to deliver Interrogatories for the examination of the Defendant Company
19. Defendant's answer to Interrogatories
20. Order granting leave to delver Interrogatories
21. Praecipe to set down case
22. Order granting leave to defendant to set case down for trial
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