The action was brought by the widow Curtis and the married woman Macdiarmid against the widow Le May.
The action concerned a mortgage entered into by the defendant with Charles Stuart Curtis for the sum of 900 pounds plus interest, over a property fronting on to Cutfield Road. The defendant then conveyed the property to Eve Helena Madsen.
Judgment was made for the plaintiffs for amount of mortgage debt and interest. The registrar was to ascertain other associated costs.

Documents include
1. Warrant to sue
2. Writ of summons and statement of claim
3. Affidavit of service
4. Warrant to defend
5. Statement of defence
6. Summons for leave to issue third party notice and for stay of proceedings
7. Affidavit by defendant in support of summons for leave to issue third party notice
8. Order granting leave to issue third party notice
9. Notice by defendant to third party
10. Order for discovery
11. Praecipe to seal subpoena-civil
12. Affidavit as to documents
13. Order for discovery
14. Praecipe to set down case for hearing
15. Affidavit as to documents
16. Affidavit of service of third party .... notice and order granting leave to issue same
17. Subpoena civil
18. Copies of correspondence between lawyers and clients
19. Copy of the will of Charles Stuart Curtis
20. Correspondence from R C Hughes to subsequent owners of the property about mortgage number 44594
21. Amended statement of defence
22. Judgment of Reed J.
23. Acknowledgment of satisfaction of judgment
Production Date
Accession No


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