Documents pertain to a case filed by labourer (Jordan) against motor mechanic (Lobb) and ironmonger (Bellringer) regarding damages caused by a motor vehicle accident
Documents include:
1. Declaration of authority to act
2. Writ of summons and statement of claim
3. Warrant to sue
4. Warrant to defend
5. Declaration of authority to act for the Defendant, Sydney George Bellringer
6. Statement of defence of the defendant Sydney George Bellringer
7. Statement of defence of the Defendant Douglas Lobb
8. Order for discovery
9. Warrant to defend
10. Affidavit of Sydney George Bellringer as to documents
11. Affidavit of Douglas Lobb as to documents
12. Notice for jury of twelve
13. Praecipe to set action down for trial
14. Praecipe to seal subpoenas-civil
15. Miscellaneous documents
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See: Taranaki Scandals The Court Record Collection page for more details on the collection and other interesting cases. 
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