The New Zealand Small Game Shooters Sporting Association (N.Z.S.G.S.S.A) had various branches across NZ, with the New Plymouth Branch being formed in 1978. The first meeting was held on the 9 December 1978, with 7 members present. Meetings were held monthly, often at members’ homes or in the New Plymouth Small Bore Clubrooms, Strandon. The club consisted of likeminded people who were passionate about Game Shooting, they regularly organised Range Shoots, Hunting Trips, and visits with other branches. Due to decreasing member attendance, meetings were eventually reduced to 4 times a year in April 1987. Discussions for the club to go into recess or close down were continuous and the last recorded meeting was held on 6 May 1988.

Minute books contain details of members present, apologies, finance, correspondence and general business as well as some President reports and meeting notices attached to pages.
Small Game Shooters Sporting Association New Plymouth Branch
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Small Game Shooters Sporting Association New Plymouth Branch
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  Part 1

Minute Book. 9 December 1978 - 5 September 1982.

  Part 2

Minute Book. 7 November 1982 - 6 May 1988.

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