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Photograph of memorial hatchment for the Royal Artillery. The hatchment is part of a series painted by Reverend Philip Walsh in 1899, displayed in the Taranaki Cathedral Church of St. Mary. The hatchment features the British Crown coat of arms crest between the initials "R" and "A", located on the left and right respective sides of the photograph. Under the crest is a ribbon painted with inscription, "QUO FAS ET GLORIA DUCUNT". This regimental motto or "sacred duty" translates to mean "everywhere that right and glory lead". The painting is a square shape, rotated 45 degrees and appears mounted on a light surface, in a dark-toned frame. The photograph is included on page 58 of William Francis Robert Gordon's album "Some "Soldiers of the Queen" who served in the Maori Wars and Other Notable Persons Connected Herewith".
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