Photograph of a painted memorial hatchment for the H.M.S. Niger displayed in the Taranaki Cathedral Church of St. Mary.The hatchment features the Crown at the top with a ribbon below reading "WAIREKA". The ribbon is painted between two flags crossing. The left flag depicts the Union Jack, the right is the White Ensign flag, also known as St George's Ensign, which is associated with the British Royal Navy. Painted in front of the flags is a round emblem depicting Captain Cracroft's crest and motto. It pictures a stalk holding an axe with it's right foot, standing atop a rope. The emblem motto reads "NE CEDE MALIS" at the top, and "HIC NIGER EST" at the bottom. Another ribbon painted beneath the emblem reads "HMS NIGER" and "1860". The painting appears mounted on a light-toned surface, in a dark-toned frame, where the background mount is visible at the edges. The photograph is included on page 50 of William Francis Robert Gordon's album "Some "Soldiers of the Queen" who served in the Maori Wars and Other Notable Persons Connected Herewith".
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