Documents pertain to a case filed by farmers (William Reid Kellick, James Were and John Francis Williamson) against company (South Taranaki Building & Investment Company Limited) regarding a mortgage agreement and debenture to William Parsons (deceased), executed by the Tahora Land & Sawmilling Company. Default was made on payment by Parsons and the Tahora Land & Sawmilling Company who were taken to court to recover the full amount due and judgement was ruled in favour of the plaintiffs. A subsequent agreement was entered into by Parsons, the plaintiffs and the defendant company to repay the money owing. The plaintiffs claim they paid the full amount in accordance with the agreement, but the defendant company only paid a portion of the judgement costs - and the plaintiffs were compelled to repay the amount owing by the defendant company. The plaintiffs wish to recover costs.
Judgement was ruled in favour of the plaintiffs as the defendant did not file a statement of defence.
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See: Taranaki Scandals The Court Record Collection page for more details on the collection and other interesting cases. 
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