Poster of the House of Representatives 1897, a supplement to the Weekly Record. Includes advertisements for local businesses: Thomas Avery, The Moa Farmers Union, R. Cock & Son, Perry and Percival, A.C. Nicholls, F. Sutherlands, N. Greiner, A. Lile, G. Cook, Raynes' Terminus Hotel, C.O. Smith, Turner's Dining and Refreshment Rooms, R.J. Pennington, John Andrews, C.R. Hill, James Paul, Taranaki Branch of the United Fire & Marine Insurance, Julian's Railway Hotel, Sam Hill, J.C. Peach, Pat & Young, Gamlin and Hook, T. Drake's, T. Zinsli, W.A.
Printed by lithographers McKee & Gamble, Wellington.
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