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Object Detail

A horn removed from a German X-type five horn sea mine which washed up on the shores of Taranaki during World War Two. The horn is made of warped lead, broken off at the base and with a rounded head. The rubber inner lining is visible at the broken end.
Production Date
Circa 1943
Subject Place
Credit Line
This is a part of a sea mine which washed up on the rocks near Belt Road on 15 February 1943. It was one of three which washed up on the shores of Taranaki at this time. They are likely contact mines which broke free from moorings off Melbourne and Bass Strait and then got caught in the Roaring Forties to drift to New Zealand. This mine was towed ashore by George Wood who was part of the New Plymouth Bomb Disposal Squad during World War Two. The mine was disarmed before spending a number of years on public and private display. In 2014 Dale Copeland was commissioned to turn the mine into a public art sculpture. Her work, Reflect Collateral Damage, can be seen on the Coastal Walkway.
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