Opaltype portrait of brothers Robert, Albert, and William Putt (from left). The men are standing in a studio setting with a painted backdrop partially visible behind them on the right. Robert is leaning on a pedestal with his right arm, while Albert is seated on a bench and William is standing with his left hand touching a sheepskin rug. All three men are wearing suits. Details of the opaltype have been drawn over by hand in black and white.

William, Albert and Robert are three of the sons of John Putt and Elizabeth Putt (nee Hart) who arrived in New Plymouth on the 'William Bryan' in 1841.
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John Putts wife was Susannah Hart, his mother was Elizabeth Cook the wife of Richard Putt and they came on the William Bryan and Susannah Hart came on the Tirmanda, these are the son of John and Susannah

- chris Picard

Posted on 25-10-2016 06:25:11