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A collection of documents belonging to Edgar Roy Brewster. The material spans Brewster's lifetime and includes early documents on aeronautic theory through to documents on Brewster's Norian theory and various information relating to property, including the Norian Beehive House at 36B Sanders Avenue. The collection also includes a collection of 21 visitor books for the Beehive House. Some of these are regular shaped and others are hand-crafted hexagonal booklets.
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Archive Contents

  Box 1

Folder. Selection of drawings related to aeronautics.

Folder. Correspondence with Boeing Aircraft Corporation.

Folder. Miscellaneous correspondence aeronautics.

Folder. Miscellaneous research and writing aeronautics.

Folder. Theory of Flight by E.R. Brewster and patent applications:

- Improvements in or relating to aeroplanes. Undated.

- A method of, and means for, increasing or varying the lift coefficient of the wing of an aeroplane. 4 July 1938.

- Improvements in and relating to building constructions and too systems of prefabricating and erecting the same.

Folder. Correspondence with Hayward Film Productions. 1955.

Folder. Miscellaneous media coverage.

Folder. Miscellaneous research and writing regarding shapes.

Folder. Rolling Stone magazine article.

Folder. Honey business.

Folder. Miscellaneous music.

Folder. Correspondence with Social Security Department regarding Age Benefit.

Folder. Tax forms.

Folder. Miscellaneous financial.

Folder. Miscellaneous correspondence.

  Box 2

Scrapbook. Norian house.

Folder. Correspondence beehive building at parliament.

Folder. The Beewise Housing System.

Folder. Miscellaneous building.

Folder. Frankley Road Dairy Factory.

Folder. Egmont Village "Tregmont" plans.

Folder. Norian Builders Limited.

Folder. Processed timber.

Folder. "Beewise" play.

Folder. Egmont Village "Tregmont"

Folder. Miscellaneous land.

Folder. Norian theory.

Folder. Norian house.

Folder. Correspondence regarding Norian theory.

Folder. Miscellaneous imagery.

  Box 3

6 visitor books [regular shape]. 1954-1959.

  Box 4

8 visitor books [hexagonal]. 1959-1963.

  Box 5

7 visitor books [hexagonal]. 1959-1971.

Stamp used to create visitor books.


Miscellaneous large format. Includes Norian theory writings, building plans and details, and aeronautic plans.

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