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A fossilised piece of Dentalium Otamaringaense, collected from the mouth of the Urenui River in 1929. The fossil is a ridged white shell with a plug of darker material in its centre. The white shell is wrapped with a piece of grey material which looks a little like concrete.
Credit Line
This small fossil was found in 1929, by Wilfred Tylee. Wilfred was loading shingle at the mouth of the Urenui River, to be used for the Waitara railway overbridge when he discovered this small fossil. It remained in the family until it was offered to Puke Ariki in 2015.

This fossil is between 15 and 20 million years old. Taranaki's coastline is very rich in fossils, and similar examples to this one can be found in the National Paleontological collection.
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