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Object Detail

A Crimea Medal. The silver medal features a young head profile of Queen Victoria on the obverse. " VICTORIA REGINA 1854" is embossed around the profile. The reverse features a winged Victory figure crowning a Roman soldier who is armed with a short sword and carrying a shield. " CRIMEA " is embossed to the side of this scene. " HUGH CAHILL, 3rd RB " is marked on the edge. The medal is attached to a faded and soiled pale blue ribbon with yellow edges by a decorative scrolled suspension bar. " SEBASTOPOL " is embossed on an ornate oak leaf clasp mounted on the ribbon. The clasp is mounted so the embossing is displayed when the reverse side of the medal is displayed. There are some significant dents in the edge of the medal and a pin is inserted into the ribbon.
Subject Place
Accession No


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