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Object Detail

A long piece of wallpaper, used as a frieze in a bedroom. The wallpaper has a farming scene on it. It depicts men and women raking hay, a farm dog, horses hitched to hay carts, trees and paddocks. The wallpaper is coloured in dull greens and browns, with the sky and women's dresses a faded pink colour. The top of the frieze still has remnants of the adjacent wallpaper attached, which is faded blue with yellow and brown stripes and flowers. The image is painted on brown paper with remnants of brown stripes and floral pattern of the backing wallpaper.
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Covered up carefully for many years, this wallpaper decorated a bedroom in an 1890s Kaimiro home. It would have formed a frieze around the top of a bedroom wall. The house it was found in may have been the dairy factory manager's house in Kaimiro, and originally sat near to Kaimiro School on Upper Lepper Road. It was extended 5 times, and in 2015 the house was moved into Egmont Village. While the house was being renovated this wallpaper was discovered and carefully removed for safekeeping.
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