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A pale cream woollen cloak, used for the Waitara Savage Club. The cloak is made up of a pale cream woollen material. Sewn onto the body of the cloak are black and red tassels made of thread, as well as zigzag patterns made of black material. The edge of the cloak is bordered with black tasselled material.
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This cloak was used by the Waitara Savage Club between 1963 and 2001. It was worn by the Rangatira, or President, of the Savage Club. In 2001 the club decided to change the Maori names used throughout the club's structure, such as rangatira and ariki for president and past president, to their English alternatives. This cloak was replaced by a chain of office. Savage Clubs can be found throughout New Zealand, and provide a space for music, entertainment and fun. Visits are made to other clubs, orchestras and skits are performed, and members also take part in community work such as performing at local rest homes. The Waitara Savage Club has been going since 1961, and is still in good, entertaining health.
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