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Formal group portrait of staff from the Taranaki Herald taken in 1927. The group is arranged in five rows with the people on the front row sitting on a rug on the floor. The group is largely made up of men, with three women in the centre and a woman on each end in the second row from front. The men are all wearing suits with ties.

The photograph may have been taken as part of the Herald's 75th year celebrations. It is mounted in a cardboard folder.

From left in the top row: A. Martin, J. Smith, L. Harvey, T. Dickson, F. Kelly and L. McCann
From left in the second row: C. Newell, G. Andrews, A. Evans, F. Robinson, H. Cox, A. Farmer, C. Downes, R. Burns, S. Rowlands and Alex Bowie.
From left in the third row: F. Mackay, R.L. Cooper, L. Hammond, Miss H. Wilson, Miss J. Mackie, Miss E. Revell, A. Courtney, H. Plumb , E. Revell and J. Johnson.
From left in the forth row (seated): Miss P. Fitzgerald, Hercules Moon, V. Hoskin, L. Rae, Walter C. Weston (owner of the Taranaki Herald), G.H. Dolby, A.T. Moore, G. Neal and Miss M. Erskine.
From left in the bottom row (seated on the ground): L. Gibson, D. Hetherington, G. Wells, A. West, R. Revell, W. Worn, Tony Hugh Philpott, George Smith and R. Laurent.
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