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Object Detail

Composite photograph showing a large family group gathered for the Golden Wedding Celebration of Ruth and Joe Corney. The group is gathered in a forest setting with trees behind. Three portraits of young men are superimposed into the lower section of the image. Two of the three portraits that have been added show Clarence Corney (left) and Bert Laurence (right) wearing military uniform while William Laurence in the centre portrait is wearing a three-piece suit. The portraits have been placed over the original photograph and the whole composition re-photographed. The photograph is mounted on card.

Back row, left to right: Clarice Corney (later Anderson), Lucy Corney, Sidney Laurence, Ellen Laurence (later Vickers), Edith Laurence, Frank Laurence, Elsie Corney (later Hunt), Veta Corney (later Capper), Ethel Corney (later Gear), Leonora Corney (later Hunwick, then Law), Eileen Corney (later Burton), Ethel Corney (later Clough).

Second to back row, left to right: Jack Corney, Lizzie Laurence (later Rutter), Ruth Laurence (later Kilsby), Harry Knowles holding baby Alfred Knowles, Clara Knowles (nee Laurence), Grace Laurence (later Rowlands), Harriet Corney, Florence Corney, Rose Corney, Tom Corney, Doris Langley (later Coles), Frank Corney.

Third row from back, left to right: Mabel Corney (nee Alexander) holding baby Roger Corney, Joe Corney, Mary Corney (nee Curd), Bert Laurence, Marena Laurence holding baby Edward Knowles, Joe Corney, Ruth Corney, Maida Corney (later Burgess), William Corney holding son William Albert Corney, Nellie Corney (later Langley), Wright Langley, Minnie Corney (nee Tuck), Arthur Corney holding Geoffrey Corney.

Front row, left to right: Ada Corney (later Cadestrom), George Corney, Eric Corney, Frederick Corney, George Laurence, Harry Laurence, Harold Corney, Cedric Corney, Nita Langley, Kathleen Corney, Joyce Corney, Phyllis Corney.

Insets, left to right: Clarence Corney, William Laurence, Bert Laurence.
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