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Object Detail

A varnished wooden prayer kneeler, donated to the Bell Block Church by Charles Street. The table has a flat top which is sloped, with a lip along the lower edge for resting a bible or other book on. The top is supported by two wide legs, with a stylised triangle taken out of the wood and a solid foot. Inset into each leg is a stylised cross design with curving patterns around it. In the centre of the tables base, stretched between the two large legs, is a three-tiered square with an cross on top - a three-stepped cross. On the front is a plaque which lists the dedication of the kneeler to Bell Block Church.
Production Date
Circa 1904
Subject Person
Credit Line
Romulus Street and his family began their lives in Taranaki at a tumultuous time. Their homestead was burned down during the First Taranaki Wars in 1860, only 8 years after they arrived on the land. However Romulus rebuilt and in 1867 he was able to buy a further piece of land on Paraite Road, which he turned into a thriving farm named Woodlands. The Streets clearly had an association with the Bell Block Church, with Romulus' son Charles dedicating this new kneeler to the memory of his father, who passed away in 1904 at the age of 64. The kneeler was donated to Puke Ariki by Graham Street on behalf of the Street family in 2014.
Accession No


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