Preliminary design plans of proposed alterations and extensions to the New Plymouth District Council's Museum, Library and War Memorial Building. Shows site plan, floor plans, elevations and artists concept of the finished building and the surrounding area. Created by Gary Brown of TSE Taranaki Ltd in December 1993. This concept was not adopted.
TSE Group Consultants Ltd
Primary Maker
TSE Group Consultants Ltd
Production Date

Archive Contents


1. Title page. Showing artists impression of completed building.

2. Plan. Showing pedestrian/ walkways plan.

3. Plan. Showing pedestrian/ walkways plan.

4. Plan. Showing library ground and first floor plans.

5. Plan. Showing ground floor plan.

6. Plan. Showing basement, mezzanine, first and second floor plans.

7. Plan. Showing elevations.

8. Plan. Showing line drawings of outside perspectives of building.

9. Report of proposal.

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