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Object Detail

A group of 25 women are gathered in an interior setting in fancy dress costumes for the Taranaki Women's Club Get Together Circle Period Mannequin Parade. The women are grouped into three loose rows. Many of the women are in bridal outfits while others wear Victorian-style clothing. One of the woman is cross-dressing. Those pictured in the group include Thelma McMorran, Gwen Maslin, Lil Wood, Mary Wolfe, Freda Lawson, Enid Vickers, Betty Duff, Maisia Carter, Mill Martin, Iris Smeaton, Joy Bunford, Doris Clouston, Nell Cameron, Mary Bassett, Ada Alexander, Eva Harford and Gwen Insull. Three women with their backs to the camera are partially visible in the foreground of the photograph. One of them is knitting.
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