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Small leaflet advertising the establishment of a shoe store in Waitara. The leaflet is written in te reo Māori and contains some transliterations of store and/or street names. The leaflet is translated as:

To the Maori of Waitara and surrounding area
Tiaki Kemetoro [personal name]
(former agent of Reni & Co)
Announce the establishment of my stall/store
Shoes/boots for men, women and small children
Stock is new, quality, value for money
My stall/store is in a branch of Tititini [unknown] and in the store of Hamana [Hannahs?]
From your friend
Tiaki Kemetoro

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This item does not appear to be included in "Books in Maori 1815 - 1900" by Phil Parkinson & Penny Griffith, though within its scope if not later than 1900 (and the printing fonts would indicate so). I presume the Alexander Turnbull has been informed?

- John Barton

Posted on 23-03-2014 20:22:43