Records for the Festival of the Pines, 1958-1974.
New Plymouth City Council; Public Relations Office
Primary Maker
New Plymouth City Council; Public Relations Office
Production Date

Archive Contents

  Box 1

Folder; Correspondence re1959 Festival

Folder; Newspaper clippings, Ephemera, Organisational documents, Budgets re1959 Festival

Folder; Correspondence re1958 Festival

Folder; Newspaper clippings, Organisational documents, budgets re1958 Festival

  Box 2

Folder; The Crucifixion re1967 Festival

Folder; The Seekers re1968 Festival

Folder; Correspondence, Organisational documents re1968 festival

Folder; Newsletters re1972-1973 festival

Folder; Organisational reports, Correspondence, Budgets re1961

Folder; Ballet re1967 Festival

  Box 3

Folder; Budgets, Correspondence, Organisational documents re 1960 festival

Folder; Correspondence re 1965 Festival

Folder; Miscellaneous

  Box 4

Folder; Finance, Budgets, Organisational documents re1962 Festival

Folder Correspondence re1962 Festival

Folder; Organisational documents, Correspondence re 1963-64 Festival

Folder; Fetival passes re1976 Festival

Folder; Fetival passes re1971 Festival

Folder; Contract agreements re1959 Festival

Accession No


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