Architectural plans for the Taranaki Club, located on the corner of Queen, St Aubyn and Young Streets, New Plymouth. Drawn by architect Thomas Bates, 1921.
Bates, Thomas Herbert
Primary Maker
Thomas Bates
Production Date
Subject Person

Archive Contents


1. Plan. Sheet 1. Showing floor plan. 31 May 1921.

2. Plan. Sheet 2. Showing elevations. 12 January 1921.

3. Plan. Sheet 3. Showing sections. 31 May 1921.

4. Plan. Sheet 4. Showing roof plan. 31 May 1921.

5. Plan. Sheet 5. Showing foundation and drainage plan. 31 May 1921.

6. Plan. Sheet 6. Showing ceiling plan. 31 May 1921.

Accession No


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