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Poster plan for the sale of land in the Cape and Opunake Survey Districts. Applications to the proprietor, the Crown Lands Office, 10 September 1890. Where more than one application was received for an allotment priority of choice was decided by lot, 11 September 1890. Includes a plan showing the allotments and a locality plan for the area.
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Hi - I am presently in conversation with an ex Lands and Survey person in an attempt to get this type of plan described correctly by libraries. To be confirmed: They are "Poster Plans" issued by Crown Lands (L&S) with specific/exact title structure as shown at the top of each plan as "land district x number". Libraries around the country, including NatLib , are not describing them right, and more often than not leaving the plan number out of the description altogether. It is the fault of the Crown Land office for not applying a concise title leaving librarians to struggle and invent a title. On this plan the main title is "Taranaki Land District No. 10." - 10 is the allocated plan number not a district number (confused?) - Words can follow it to further describe it, but not inserted into the 'main title'. Hope to resolve this soon, and also hope more are put on-line for people to download for their family histories, Colin.

- Colin Adams

Posted on 26-01-2016 03:19:31