Peter Hamilton speaks to Ray Cleaver about his time as Petty Officer in the RNZ Navy during the Malaya War.
Hamilton served in the Navy on the frigate Rotoiti, which sailed through nuclear fallout areas after bomb testing. Many of his fellow military men later died of cancer. He spent time patrolling the coast of Malaya chasing pirates.
Date: 26 November 2012
Duration: 57 minutes

Part of a series of 10 oral recordings created by Rata Education and Historic Productions Trust and Anvil Productions Ltd. The project aimed to capture the stories of the remaining Taranaki Vietnam, Korea and Malaya War veterans. The interviews were conducted 2012-2013 by Ray Cleaver. The project was funded with the help of a grant from the Taranaki Electricity Trust. The project was a continuation from an earlier project which captured the stories of WWII veterans.
Cleaver, Ray
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