A collection of newsletters written by Geoff Clareburt, 1992-2012.
Geoff began handwriting the newsletters to his son, Alban, who was studying at University. Later they were typed, and he sent them to others, including his two other children, James and Rachel, his sister, Susan Day, and brother and sister in law, Peter and Shirley Read. The newsletters, called 'General News’, were written weekly and include information about family activities, and events happening locally and nationally. Collection also includes a bound book titled 'General News 2011' which includes the most significant newsletters from the year 2011. Geoff's daughter Rachel began having a selection of her father’s newsletter bound every year, beginning 2007.
The collection also includes two travel journals, 1968 and 1969, for the time Geoff spent overseas, travelling and teaching in England, Canada in Sydney.
Clareburt, Geoffrey Louis
Primary Maker
Geoff Clareburt
Production Date

Archive Contents


Folder 1. Newsletters. 1992-1993.

Folder 2. Newsletters. 1994.

Folder 3. Newsletters. 1995.

Folder 4. Newsletters. 1996.

Folder 5. Newsletters. 1997.

Folder 6. Newsletters. 1998.

Folder 7. Newsletters. 1999.

Folder 8. Newsletters. 2000.

Folder 9. Newsletters. 2001.

Folder 10. Newsletters. 2002.

Folder 11. Newsletters. 2003.

Folder 12. Newsletters. 2004.

Folder 13. Newsletters. 2005.

Folder 14. Newsletters. 2006.

Folder 15. Newsletters. 2007.

Folder 16. Newsletters. 2008.

Folder 17. Newsletters. 2009.

Folder 18. Newsletters. 2010.

Folder 19. Newsletters. 2011.

Folder 20. Newsletters. 2012.

Book. General News 2011. 88pp.

Travel journal. Europe, 1968.

Travel journal. Canada, 1969.

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