Documents pertain to a case filed by a commercial broker (Russell) against a commercial broker and indent merchant (Stainton and Company Limited) and a merchant (Stainton) regarding a percentage of company profits allegedly owed to the plaintiff. Includes a copy of a Memorandum of Agreement, a list of interrogatories, answers by defendants to interrogatories, a notice of motion by the plaintiff for an order dispensing with security on appeal and staying bankruptcy proceedings, an affidavit of the plaintiff with information on his personal and professional life, and notes of evidence with testimony from the plaintiff, Pownall, Nicoll, Ross, the defendant (Stainton), Rain, Johnstone and Campbell. Also includes an affidavit of the defendant, an affidavit of the plaintiff in rebuttal of the Defendant's affidavit, letters between the plaintiff and the defendant company, correspondence pertaining to the case, and what appears to be receipts.
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See: Taranaki Scandals The Court Record Collection page for more details on the collection and other interesting cases. 
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