Two architectural plans and specifications for residence "The Oakes" for A.J. Corrigan Esq at South Road Hawera. Plans created by Architect Raymond Syme, Hawera, April 1936.
Syme, Raymond Walter
Primary Maker
Raymond Walter Syme
Production Date
April 1936
Subject Person

Archive Contents


Two sets of plans (Set No 1 and Set No 3).

1. Plan. Sheet 1 of 2. Scale 1/8" to 1'0". Showing north and east elevations, ground and upper floor plans.

2. Plan. Sheet 2 of 2. Scale 1/2" and 1/8" to 1'0". Showing south and west elevations, section and details.

3. Typescript. Specification Contract for Erection of a Residence for A. J. Corrigan Esq., "The Oakes," Hawera. Raymond Syme. April 1936. 35pp.

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