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Object Detail

Hand tinted ambrotype portrait of three men seated at a table. The man pictured with a pipe in his mouth on the left of the image is thought to be Sam Oliver. The two other men are unidentified. All three men are wearing suits. The two unidentified men are wearing bow ties that have been tinted blue. The man on the right of the image has had his fob chain, ring and hat tinted with gold paint. Sam Oliver and the man in the centre are holding glasses. A decanter and another glass sit on the table along with an unidentified object. The faces and hands of the men have been very lightly tinted pink. They are posed against an elaborately painted backdrop featuring a path through trees. The portrait is framed by an embossed gold metal matt with patterned metal edging, which is then contained within an ornately carved dark wooden frame.
Primary Maker
Production Date
Accession No


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