Plans and documentation for alterations to buildings at 60 and 62 Gill Street, New Plymouth, for the Farmers Co-operative Society.
Farmers' Co-operative Society
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Farmers' Co-operative Society
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1. Building plan report for alterations to Farmers’ Co-operative, Gill Street New Plymouth. 25 February 1960. 1pp.

2. Building application form, alterations to Farmers' Co-operative. 23 February 1960. 1pp.

3. Letter from Farmers' Co-operative regarding building permit. 25 January 1960. 1pp.

4. Plan. Proposed Alterations at Gill Street for the Farmer’s Co-op Society. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch. Approved 26 February 1960.

5. Building plan check list. 30 November 1964. 1pp.

6. Building application form for alterations to the Cargill Hotel for Farmers Co-operative. 30 November 1964. 1pp.

7. Plan. Alterations to Cargill Hotel - Gill Street for the Farmers Co-op Org. Soc. Ltd. Graeme Laurenson and Associates, registered architects, Hawera. Shows existing and proposed floor plan and detail. November 1964.

8. Plan. Proposed Pedestrian Interconnection between 1st floor “Hotel Cargill” & 1st floor Taranaki Farmers’ (W/S) Ltd 58 Gill Street New Plymouth. 1968.

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