Plans and documentation relating to alterations to a property (St Elmo), formerly the Old Fire Station in Powderham Street used by the Automobile Association Taranaki.
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1. Building plan report. 11 August 1948. 1pp.

2. Authority to proceed with structural work. 2 August 1948. 1pp.

3. Typescript. Specifications for signposting shed. Undated. 1pp.

4. Plan. Proposed Temporary Shed for Automobile Association Taranaki, Powderham St, New Plymouth. J Liur Thomson builder and contractor. 14 May 1948.

5. Plan. Site Plan of Proposed Shed for Taranaki Automobile Assn. Section 6168 695 Block Lot 2x3 Plan 6014, Powderham Street. J.M. Thompson builder and contractor. Approved 11 August 1948.

6. Building Plan report lodged by W S Wood for the AA Taranaki. 1 November1962. 1pp.

7. Building application to make alterations to St Elmo, Powderham Street for AA Taranaki. 30 October 1962. 1pp.

8. Plan. Alterations to “St Elmo” in Powderham Street for the Automobile Association (Tar). Inc. Showing floor plan and front elevation. R.W. Syme registered architect. Approved 1 November 1962.

9. Plan. Alterations to Technical Service Building for the Taranaki Automobile Association. Showing existing first floor plan and first floor plan as altered. R.W. Syme registered architect. 27 May 1964.

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