Plans and papers relating to alterations to the Kawaroa Park Bungalow in Weymouth Street, New Plymouth. The building was owned by the Kawaroa Park Committee.
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1. Plan. Alterations to Kawaroa Park Bungalow. Jones and Sandford Ltd. Approved 7 November 1930. Shows areas affected

2. Plan. Proposed Additions to Kawaroa Park Pavilion. Additions include kitchen and ladies cloak room. Undated.

3. Plan [carbon photocopy]. NPACC Proposal Kawaroa Park Bungalow. August 1969, approved June 1970.

4. Application for permit. 6 November 1930. 1pp.

5. Typescript. Notes on Borough by laws. Approved 7 November 1930. 1pp.

6. Typescript. Specifications. Approved 7 November 1930. 1pp.

7. Building plan docket, 1930. 1pp

8. Building plan register, 1970. 1pp.

9. Application of building permit, 1970. 1pp.

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