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Object Detail

Mixed media artwork focussing on the female body in the domestic sphere. On the left of the image a wall plug is rendered in thick paint and wax in shades of grey and earthy brown. The plug suggests interior space. On the right of the image, two female shapes - described by the artist as "insubstantial female toilet signs" - feature. Each one is fragmented, partly represented on a separate piece of paper and partly drawn directly onto the paper support. This creates a play between two and three dimensional space and gives a sense that their bodies are damaged. Both female shapes also feature a partial target over their bodies. The paper fragments associated wth the female signs are dyed pink and purple. The small circles, crosses and arrows drawn in black between the two figures refer to archaeological signs and symbols. Numerous charcoal lines are drawn around the figures and around the subject matter in general, further emphasising the sense of interior space. A truncated paint border is also present on the right of the image. The artwork explores the idea of women being reduced to signs or symbols and gender stereotyping in South African society.
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