Architectural plans and specifications for Fred Butler's house on Sentry Hill by builders and contractors H. Meyer and P. In’t Veen. The plans make preparations for shifting Butler's house on Gill Street to Sentry Hill and additions to this.
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  Part 1

Residence to be erected in weatherboard on timber-framing for Mr. F. Butler, 65 Gill Street, New Plymouth.

Builders and contractors H. Meyer and P. In’t Veen, Simons Street, New Plymouth.

21 March 1960.

North elevation, south elevation, east elevation, west elevation. Scale: 1/8 to 1 foot.

Detail, floor plan, cross section A-B. Scale: ¼ to 1 foot.

  Part 2

Amended set of plans of residence to be erected at Bell Block for Mr. Butler, Gill Street NP.

Stamped 8 April 1960.

Ground plan of existing house at Gill Street N-P, new building Bell Block, cross section A-B.

  Part 3

Addition to property. Lot 2. D.P. 7180. Section 99. Block: 111 S.D. Mountain Road, Township Waitara.

Builders and conractors H. Meyer and P In't Veen New Plymouth.

Stamped 17 June 1960.

  Part 4

Typescript. Specifications of work to be done amnd materials to be used in the removal and erection of new part of the building for Mr. F. B. Butler, 65 Gill Street, New Plymouth. Stamped 8 April 1960. 4pp.

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