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Object Detail

Artwork of printed and painted elements against a black background. The upper half of the work features the white shape of a World War II bomber aircraft. The words "santa" and "HIT" are written on the bomber. Beneath the bomber to the left is a black, white and red oil drum. The red dot on the drum's lid refers to a sniper's laser dot. The bottom half of the painting features equations and a diagram of an engine painted in white. A grid of squares, outlined in bright colours, has been printed over the top of this area. The text of the found object Morris has used as the base for the work is discernible behind the background layer of black paint. The artwork's imagery reflects Morris' search for icons and images that can give voice and shape to the contemporary era. The print is part of Morris' 'Enduring Freedom' series, which explores differing version of truth surrounding the September 11, 2001 'terror attacks' in the United States of America.
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