Loose inwards and outwards correspondence belonging to Fred Butler. Covers the period 1930-1980. No index has been made.
Butler, Frederick Burdett
Primary Maker
Fred Butler
Production Date
Circa 1930-1980

Archive Contents

  Box 1


Folder. 1940s.

Folder. 1950s.

Folder. 1960s (part one).

Folder. 1960s (part two).

Folder. 1970s (part one).

Folder. 1970s (part two).

Folder. Turnbull Library.

Folder. Bruce Sinclair-Lockhart.

Folder. New Plymouth Historical Society.

Folder. New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

Folder. Veale Estate.

Folder. Michael Fitzgerald (National Museum).

Folder. Sale of collection, replies to advertisement.

Folder. Inheritance dispute.

Folder. H.W. Insull.

Folder. Leo Martin.

Folder. R.M. Kryntjes.

Accession No


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