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Crowds of people are gathered on Ngamotu Beach and on the Breakwater. Some are seated on the beach, others paddle in the water. There are several carriages parked along the embankment behind the beach as well as two horse drawn trams. Signs on one tram read "Vogeltown", and "M. Jone's Criterion Stables". Signs on the other tram read "Racecourse" and "Breakwater New Plymouth". There are two ships at the breakwater, both have their masts decorated with bunting. There is a ug-boat in the middle of the harbour. Another ship is anchored in the harbour on the extreme right hand side of the photograph. It's masts are also decorated with bunting. The 'H. M. S. Cambrian' is just visible on the horizon.
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"Tram"?? Horse bus I think. Trams need rails...

- Barney Brewster

Posted on 27-04-2019 11:45:40