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Joseph and Mary Wooldridge are gathered with their five sons in a grassy area in front of some large trees. Jospeh and Mary are seated infront of their sons, they hold a large framed photographic portrait of a man between them.The framed picture is that of Harry Wooldridge, whom passed tragically in 1906 on a ship SS Valencia, the wreck of 1906. The five sons stand in a row behind their parents and have been identified as, from left to right, Joseph, Eb, Stan, Bert and Ernest. The sons wear flowers in their button holes.
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The framed picture is that of Harry Wooldridge,Son to Mary and Joseph whom passed tragically in 1906 on a ship the Valencia, SS, the Wreck of (1906)

- Kerry Wooldridge

Posted on 18-03-2017 21:38:24