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Object Detail

This is a copy photograph of an original watercolour possibly by Hamar Humphrey Arden (ca. 1860s). The current location of the original watercolour is unknown. The large three-storied wooden Egmont Steam Flour Mill on Powderham/Courtenay Street dominates the composition. A horse-drawn cart, ladden with light-coloured bags is parked outside the mill. There are two figures entering the building through a door on the right. A large chimney stands beside the left hand side of the mill. Several small buildings are nestled amongst trees and bush behind and besdie the mill. Mount Taranaki is visible in the distance on the left, while the barracks on Marsland hill is visible on the upper right of the composition.
Primary Maker
Subject Person
Accession No


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I am very impressed by the copy photograph of the Egmont Mill. Where did it turn up?

- Robyn Oliver (Williams)

Posted on 23-10-2013 03:40:25