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Object Detail

A flat, rectangular chocolate box with a lift off lid. Decorated with white flowers, black and gold leaves against a blue background. Pasted-on cover depicts a lady in an island setting wearing colourful clothing.
Subject Category
Credit Line
Resting back on an idyllic beach, dressed in beautiful clothes, the woman on the lid of this box attempted to draw her viewers away to a dream world, far from the daily grind of life during the Depression, as they sampled the delights of the Phoenix chocolates inside. Holidays were beyond the scope of most families struggling during the 1930s. Even purchasing a box of chocolates was beyond many people. Such a small box would have been more affordable. And creating such visually attractive packaging gave the box a longer use value. Once the chocolates were eaten, boxes like this were often used to store prized treasures, trinkets or jewellery.
Accession No


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