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Two men and two women are gathered before a backdrop of curtains. The groom Albert Goodwin and bride Olive Goodwin (nee Farnham) stand at the centre. Albert's twin borther Leslie Goodwin is seated on the left. Ruth Farnham is seated on the right. Bert and Leslie are twins, born January, 1901 at Midhirst, Taranaki.
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Bert and Olive Goodwin(nee Farnham)

- Hez

Posted on 07-06-2016 05:48:42

Uncle Albert ( Bert ) and Olive on their wedding day with his twin brother Leslie Goodwin sitting in the chair on the left side. Bert and Leslie are twins born Jan 1901 at Midhirst, Stratford, Taranaki.

- Robert Hall

Posted on 04-06-2018 12:01:30