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Sketch of the Te Henui River mouth. A building and two figures can be seen in the foreground. A collection of buildings, possibly the New Zealand Titanic Steel and Iron Company Ltd, are visible in the middleground on the right of the image. The sketch is included in a sketchbook attributed to one of Major Charles (Carlino) Brown's daughters. However, the inscription on the inside cover reads "Constance W. Rowe / Taranaki / April 2nd 1880" - it is unclear if this inscription indicates the name of the actual artist.
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I half think I made this comment several years ago when I was looking at these images. I think I can with some 90+% certainty say that the artist is Constance Wakefield Horne, Margaret Joy Brown's (nee Horne) sister. Constance was a member of the ASA and painted very competantly, much in NZ and abroad. Please can someone get in touch so that I can explain. If preferred by telephone as I am not likely to be in New Plymouth soon.

- Lesley Read

Posted on 02-05-2018 10:52:41